What are a house, a bar, a market place?
Tripple charm "at the Horst"!


Already Emperor Franz Joseph let our ancestors here in Mühlbach spoil and spent unforgettable days in the small village at the entrance to the Pustertal.
Our guesthouse has a long history. Since 1611 we have been welcoming travelerswho want to relax a few days from the efforts of the trip or from their daily life, to this venerable house. 


What would be the South Tyrolean without his coffee bar, which is much more than just a place for the fast morning caffeine boost. We do not like black broth in the paper cup for overpriced money. We enjoy, we talk, discuss, we enrapture ourselves. We get news or let the day end with a glass of wine. We live - in exactly one bar. This is culture - and Horst is even more - it's always a small event.

Summer living

The incomparable village square of Mühlbach also inspired the South Tyrolean author Josef Zoderer: In 'The Walsche' he uses this village as a template for his story. We use the village square as our second living room - enjoy an espresso, an ice cream in the sun or a piece of cake in the afternoon on the lovingly decorated square. The most beautiful way to relax and chat.